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This is an important time in your life and an important event. Be sure you carefully think about what you will wear. It’s important to bring complete outfits – don’t just grab a bunch of tops in different colors and a few pairs of jeans and hope it works out. Here are some things to think about when choosing the best clothes for your portraits:

Avoid large stripes, plaids, and very large patterns. Solids and small prints/patterns photograph much better. Make sure to bring a variety of outfits – different colors, styles, and dress levels. Bring one or two outfits mom likes and then we can move onto the stuff you want to do. You can even bring your favorite holey jeans and your prom dress. It’s better to bring too many outfit choices than not enough. We’ll choose the outfits that work best with the settings I have when you get to the studio.

Think about colors that accent your eyes and hair. Earth tones, greens and browns, are great for outdoors, while pastels and solids are good for in the studio. Be sure to include at least one white and/or black top if you like the white and/or black backdrop look. These are really high fashion and are a lot of fun to shoot.

Make sure your clothing choices fit well – this goes for both guys and girls. Baggy clothes will make you look larger and so will clothing that is too tight. Sleeveless styles, while popular, can make your arms look bigger so be sure to choose wisely. Make sure to bring some longer sleeved outfits as well.

Avoid high contrast outfits, such as a dark top with white pants. This high contrast draws attention and will compete with your beautiful smile. Bring all items you need for each outfit – dress shoes, belts, jewelry, and for the girls, proper undergarments including strapless bras if needed.

Please bring your outfits ironed on hangers. You would be surprised how many show up with everything stuffed into a bag and, yes, wrinkles do show!

Your nails will show. For both guys and girls, make sure your nails are clean and manicured. This doesn’t mean that you need to run out and spend big bucks on nails – just make sure they are filed, cuticles taken care of and neatly polished, if desired, in neutral colors. Most girls love those barefoot, casual shots – make sure your toenails are in top shape and avoid brightly or unusual colored nail polish.

Make-up should look natural but you might want it slightly heavier than you normally wear it. If you usually don’t wear any make-up at all, you might consider a light coat of mascara and a little blush. I promise you will still look like yourself. Lip gloss is always a plus.

Don’t try a new do right before your session – this means color or cut and goes for both guys and girls. One to two weeks before, depending on how fast your hair grows, is about right.

The studio is located right above VCS Salon and Spa, a fantastic place to have your hair done. If you’re interested in getting your hair styled (or even a makeover done) prior to your session, contact me and I’ll arrange an appointment. It sometimes is difficult to get in, so be sure and tell me early if you would like this service. VCS Salon will bill you separately for their services.

Both guys and girls – make sure you shave the day of your session. And girls, be careful with the deodorant! We all know how it can get on your clothes and show if you raise your arms in a tank or prom dress.

Almost all glasses glare. Most optometrists will remove your lenses for you. If you are not comfortable doing that, many will also loan you a pair of look-a-like frames for your session – just ask.

Moderate tans photograph well, sunburns do not!
If you are sunburned or peeling, you will need to reschedule your session. Girls, be careful of tan lines if you plan on wearing tanks or strapless styles. Guys, avoid those ball cap lines on your forehead or those telltale new haircut lines.

Very important! Ballet slippers, soccer ball, skateboard, tuba, shoe collection – if it’s special to you bring it to create a unique work of art featuring you.